Answering Stephen Fry’s objection to God

  • On the 30th of January Actor/comedian Stephen Fry stated his reason why he does not believe in God but if God did exist he would not accept an invitation  to enter heaven
     I commented on this myself and posted it  to Face Book: Fry doesn’t believe in God so it is hypothetical. So all the evil in the world is a reflection of a so called narcissistic God but a reflection of man and blind chaotic, uncaring Evolution that causes cancer and bugs to eat the eyes of children from the inside out. Atheism isn’t an intellectual objection but a moral objection to the idea of God. You can’t intellectually object to something you don’t believe in. It would be like objecting to Santa Claus because he has a naughty and nice list in which he arbitrarily chooses who is naughty or nice. Evolution and atheism is inherently fatalistic but inconsistent with its own premises because it is blindly amoral. But Fry and others would never suggest rejecting them because they are so harshly cruel.
    So a friend of mine on Face Book who I will call J. responded  to my activity and said “I’ll tell you about a conversation I had with a seventh day Adventist about God and religion, I lost faith in a watchful God a long time ago for many reasons and looked for something I personally never found what I was looking for because I don’t know what I was looking for, but what I did see was that there is a lot of religions with the same basic tenets, so when the pastor or head guy came over to convert me after many months having civil talks with the lady’s, I started talking to him and he asked what about your soul for if you don’t believe in God then your doomed to torment and still being civil I asked him if the deli lama was doomed to torment as well ? A person who all life is sacred and promotes peace and harmony or which Christian religion is right and which not ?

    After some time he said his religion was the right one and the lama would be dammed for he did not believe in God, so I asked him what it was to be dammed, he said the usual fire angry satan and punishment stuff, at that point I had to ask him to leave otherwise I would not be able to be polite anymore he stayed which greatly annoyed me at which point I said “listen mate you just condemned a man who would give his last meal to a beggar to eternal punishment and said everyone except your church is going to hell please leave my property now” so my question Chris is why wouldn’t God embrace the deli lama ? I’m not gunna get nasty with ya we’ve had heaps of theological talks so it’s ok

    And another question that always bugged me was I got told lucifer rebelled because humans came first in the eye of God and got free will, but if the Angels didn’t have free will than how did the rebel ?”

    My reply: Chris J. Symonds Thanks for asking: I have been asked this question before about the Deli Lama. I don’t know if my answer will be helpful. People of all races and creeds and religions will end up in Hell for rejecting Jesus Christ. We are told in the book of Romans that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and the wages of sin is death. God sent His Son into the world because we are born in sin because of Adam and his disobedience in the Garden of Eden. The Bible doesn’t dress humanity up and really doesn’t say much that is good about us. People today are the same as those recorded in the bible in that they thought their own good deeds would save them. They thought that if their good deeds outweighed their bad deeds and they made sacrifices to God it would even out the score, it doesn’t work that way. Jesus said that even evil men know how to give good things to their children but what does that profit them? So where am I going with this. The bible from beginning to end makes it clear that man of himself is not good enough to please God on his own. Our good works no matter how valiant outside of a relationship with Jesus Christ will not save us. Why is Jesus so important? Jesus is vitally important because it is through His sacrifice and His righteousness that we are made right with and can please God. We are not morally or spiritually equipped to please God without His Son as the mediator who paid the penalty for our sins. As to the question of Angels and free will: Firstly when the angels were created they were God’s messengers they did not need faith to believe in God because they stand in His presence. Lucifer wanted to be God he became proud and rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven. This implies that angels either do or did in fact have autonomy to act of their own volition at one time. However we don’t know a whole lot about angels and their standing before God now. I am surprised that the 7 Day Adventist guy mentioned hell and torment because they don’t believe in eternal punishment they teach what is called annihilation of the soul. However regardless of the issue pertaining to angels that is a side issue which had nothing to do with us Lucifer’s jealousy was toward’s God and we don’t know if this took place before man was created or afterwards… So regarding the Deli Lama who doesn’t believe in the existence of God, (Buddhism is a form of atheism that believes the soul migrates to a higher place through being good) According to what my Bible says, the Deli Lama and anyone else who does not accept Jesus’ propitiation for sin on their behalf will go to hell. It isn’t about mine , yours or anyone else’s goodness it is about the goodness of God being offered to us through Jesus Christ. This is called imputed righteousness where when God looks upon us through Jesus Christ he see’s His beloved Son not our sin. I realize this may seem unfair but from the perspective of God all people everywhere deserve to go to hell without exception. God in His great love and mercy has made a way for us to escape that punishment.
    What I also noted is that Atheists whether they know it or not are playing dice with God. They may not believe in God but they still believe in acting morally and ethically. Why should they bother? If there is no God and therefore no consequences  for any actions in this life and we essentially become compost when we die then all the moral arguments in the world about being fair and following the golden are pointless. Of course if you know of Pascals Wager and  you’re an atheist then you may have reasons  to be good  to others. Pascals Wager essentially argues  that if we are good and there is a God  then we will be okay, If we are good and there is no God then we are still okay, if there is a God and we behave very badly or are evil we are not okay. This is playing  both sides against the middle or edging  your bets.
    It is the philosopher John Gray who takes large swipes at the New Atheist movement  who try  to evangelize the flocks into their fold. John Gray has argued what I stated above  that if there is no God then there is no good or evil. If that is the case  then we are free  to act as we please without conscious. However Dawkins, Fry, the late Christopher Hitchens and many others use emotive arguments regarding the evil in the world. These New Atheists justify their non-belief by highlighting all  the pain and suffering in the world. Within  that argument is a subtext that  goes like this. (If God fixed all  the evil in the world, took away all the pain and suffering  and didn’t act   so high and mighty, then I would believe in Him) However if God does exist and doesn’t stop all  this bad stuff from happening  then God is responsible and they want nothing  to  do  with Him.
    Sadly many Christians also try  to reduce God  to a persona that is manageable that  they can appease  themselves and others with. God is reduced  to a set of principles and guidelines that doesn’t offend anyone, doesn’t impose on the will of man and in essence doesn’t really have a plan apart from desperately trying  to save us from our sin.
    Not many people asks what freedom does God have  to act and what is God’s intention  for acting as He does. Does God have a plan? For both the atheist and many Christians the answer is no because  they simply don’t understand  the true nature and character of God. Some would argue  they do, many would find my accusation offensive  or insulting. My reply is that when  you start with man and man’s experience as  your reference point  to knowing God then  you can’t understand God.
    If you  you start with the bible and let it speak for itself then as uncomfortable as it may be, you may arrive at a more correct view of God and His purpose. Salvation isn’t about us its about God, its about the intention of God the creator and His purpose  through His Son Jesus Christ.

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