On death and dying

Source: On death and dying



  1. Helllo Chrissy,
    concerning the person who identifies as ‘Daisy’ aka ‘Miss Daisy Flower’, please know that she has declared herself cured by herself and the ‘negativity’ she espouses is something she sees as a positive thing. (?)

    I was someone she attempted to attack and I have no animosity towards her because if half of the stuff this person has said about her self is true, she is in a world of trouble and very, very unhappy person.

    So don’t take her personally . . . . she ‘vents’ what troubles her by attacking or attempting to attack, but it is so pitiful is you know her history (as she describes it. I can’t imagine why she is so anti-therapists other than perhaps at one time, a therapist got her to the ‘confrontation stage’ and she could not see it through . . . . it happens.

    Maybe some day, she will get the help she needs. I hope so. I do think she is at risk when I see her ‘negativity’ getting worse, yes. I think she is very ill indeed.


    1. I have followed Daisy for a while and I find some things they say very distressing. I don’t mean for me personally I can see their torture. IN their mind it is all clear to them. They are certainly in denial. I expected the attack and I didn’t take it personally however I think I needed to respond. Maybe the confrontation was worthwhile maybe not.

      In their mind yes they would see their negativity as a positive thing. She is obviously not well which often manifests as an obsession in one particular area but not always. I get the impression that the y Believe there is some kind of conspiracy or collusion of therapists against them of which I am now one. Eventually this kind of self destructive behaviour gets to a point where the state needs to intervene for the person’s own safety. I’m not in the states so there isn’t anything I can do.

      Sadly when these people are provoked it may only cause a further spiral into illness…may be best to disengage altogether.


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