The challenge continues

So my friend asked me why I dismissed Bill Gothard’s claim regarding a certain psychiatrist that mental illness is the result of wrong thinking and or making bad decisions. Once that erroneous thinking was corrected the patients became better and were released from hospital. Here is my response

I dismissed it in the same way I would i would mark down an essay for not verifying the source. Simply making the claim that a psychiatrist said mental illness is due to wrong thinking or making bad choices without naming the psychiatrist is dubious. It’s ironic that Bill Gothard challenges conventional wisdom, questions modern medicine, then conveniently uses an anonymous source from the very worldly expertise and wisdom he rejects to support his own arguments. That is called cognitive dissonance.

You have an academic back ground Alfred. How can you be so noncritical of Gothard’s approach… How could Bill who also has a post graduate back ground make claims like this knowing that if he did this at college that his professors would fail him for making such an unverified claim? It is what we call academic suicide.

How do we track the expert down who said this originally? How do we check the experts credentials and research method’s? Was this an off the cuff remark by this so called expert or is this his expert opinion based on research? Has he been peer reviewed in journals and what was their conclusions of his findings?

Do you see my problem? I can’t I can’t go back to original sources. Bill Gothard is notorious for using this method of unverifiable anecdotal support for his own assertions. There is almost a plethora of very bad bible teachers who make claims of miracle headings and other phenomena. Many of them when asked to supply evidence for their claims can’t! Bill makes some very bold claims about the success of his own methods, the fruit that we van verify about Bill’s claims is that the evidence doesn’t support his claims.

I posted here once before about Bill’s teaching and you deleted the comment. What did I say? I said by you posting Bill’s views here will be his own undoing because you are putting it in the public domain where anyone on the internet can view it. I am posting this response on my own website so that in fairness others can see my response. No one can say I chickened out of the challenge ( posted on )



  1. I’m so glad you are pressing Alfred so intensely. I hope you have the tenacity to stay on him!


    1. After quite a few years of dialogue with Alfred it has become clear that he has made Bill Gothard his idol of worship. I am friends with him on a personal level but it is obviously fruitless to try and discuss the whole issue with him. Second to this is his church affiliation. Alfred is a Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) that in itself should set off alarm bells regarding Alfred’s mindset and theology. Bedsides that Alfred;s faith is so in-bedded in Gothard’s teachings that to him Gothard is actually inspired or infallible. If Alfred was to admit that Bill Gothard was wrong or guilty of the allegations against him it would shatter his faith. Others have pointed this out to him. The best we can all do is pray for the Holy Spirit to intervene and open his eyes. You can only try and persuade a person so much (humanly speaking) The rest is up to the grace and mercy of the Father through Jesus Christ.


    2. It takes more than tenacity and I am afraid my patience has run out. Alfred is involved in Gothard’s power prayer team. I don’t know if you have heard about this but this is Gothard’s method of interpreting scripture; he basically prays over portions of scripture and seeks guidance from the Holy spirit as to its meaning without reference to its context. No matter what anyone says you can’t argue with him or Alfred because the Holy Spirit showed it to them. Bill Gothard draws this approach from Watchman Nee which is a form of mysticism. There is no way to correct or counter the circular thinking basically because their argument will always be the Holy Spirit revealed it to them. It’s an impenetrable wall. So far as Alfred is concerned Bill is right. Alfred has regular contact with Bill and I am sure Bill is coaching Alfred. Alfred’s loyalty and belief in Bill is so blind that honestly for my own peace of mind it is better to walk away and shake the dust off of my feet.


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