Is it only an American Evangelical dilemma?

In the past month there have been two attacks on Evangelical Christianity. One appears in an article in News Week by  to which an excellent rebuttal has been published by .

The other is by a man called Devin Rose who posted a short You Tube video promoting his book which he subsequently removed after being challenged by James White as  to its accuracy and Devin Rose’s intentions

If you haven’t been following this controversy I can only  say you should be because it is not just an issue  that effects American Evangelicalism, It effects Evangelicals world wide who hold  to the bible as the inerrant word of God.

Firstly I applaud Michael Brown and James White for taking up  the fight on all our behalf’s as well as others  who have written reviews of Devin Rose’s book and responded  to Kurt Eichenwald’s article. Secondly I need  to say shame on all  those  who haven’t responded to this situation. Anyone who has dabbled in apologetic’s, who knows anything about the history and evidence’s for the reliability and transmission of the cannon of scripture could easily refute Rose’s Roman Catholic apologetic and Eichenwald’s bias misrepresentation of Evangelicalism.

My point here is that we don’t need  to rely on  just a few men  to refute others  who would attack our faith, who are blatantly biased against or ignorant of the mountain of conservative scholarship with which we can defend the inerrant infallibility of Scripture. We don’t need  to be scholars or experts  to challenge our adversaries. All we need is a good sound knowledge of how the Bible manuscripts were transmitted, how the cannon of scripture was formed, some understanding of textual criticism, (not  to be confused with higher criticism) and some knowledge of the differences between conservative Evangelical theology and Liberal theology.

My title poses the question is this only an American Evangelical issue? I have already said it isn’t, however why is it that most often it’s the American Scholars wading into these debates or making the most noise? Is the rest of Western European Evangelicalism dead or asleep or  so apathetic that it could care less? Or are we just too afraid to ruffle the feathers of the rest because we are too image oriented? Has the rest of the Evangelical community been swallowed by ecumenicism? Are we too afraid of all the discrimination laws or political correctness with its intolerance against intolerance in our own communities?

There are some very well educated biblical scholars here in Australia who teach in our more conservative Bible College’s, why aren’t they speaking out against liberal theologians? Why aren’t more of our church leaders taking a stand against immorality such as homosexuality, same sex marriage and other issues. Are they too afraid of losing their Tenure for the sake of position or drawing  the ridicule of the media who seem  to be the one’s pushing social agenda’s to their limit’s?

Australia notoriously follows the American trends both socially and politically. Do you not think the push by certain interest groups  to promote their agenda’s wont become an issue here in  the near future. Of course it will! Both secular and religious groups have an agenda  to put their rights ahead of  all others.

Religiously, Islam is on the march here in Australia. Where Islam remains a minority religion it it seems fairly innocuous but where it becomes a majority religion or gains state power all of a sudden it is not such a peaceful movement. One should take a closer look at Sharia Law for example or the religion itself with a critical mind and ask ourselves do I really want  this religion becoming a dominant force in my country? .

The homosexual agenda is becoming more and more dominant is the USA. It wants acceptance and understanding however of itself is  so intolerant of anyone  or any belief system  that opposes it. Conservative Evangelicalism and ironically Islam oppose  the homosexual agenda. If Islam takes a foothold in Australia the homosexual agenda will suffer a significant set back as it has elsewhere. Sadly in Australia Evangelicals are not politically motivated enough  to speak out on these issues. Evangelicals in Australia are too busy kissing up  to secular society with what they call Radical Christianity  where really any difference  between Church and society is almost nonexistent. It seems that the few like Fred Nile take a stand on anything. 

I am aware that this blog has crossed a number of area’s that may not seem connected however they are connected they are connected  by the idea of truth and being proactive regarding truth. It’s not just an American Evangelical issue.

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